My name is Audrey, french yogini, and I would like to share with you what yoga and meditation brought to my life. 

Born on a caribbean island, I grew up with an extended idea of the world. Passionate, amongst other things, by audiovisual creation, I dedicated my life, for years, to discover visual artists, working in festivals or as a content producer for L’Oeil de Links on Canal+. A true mission hardly distinct from my personal life… 

It gave me a life rich with encounters, travels and emotions… A life so rich that I was missing to realize an important truth: I didn’t have any control on my emotions! 

One day it appeared that my emotions were taking to much place in my life and were affecting my relationship to others. So I asked Google: how should I control my emotions? And Google answered that I should practice mindfulness meditation. And that’s what I did by following a MBSR cycle (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). Thus what a wonderful discovery it was… In a few weeks, I learnt to embrace the present to observe myself and welcome my emotions. 

Yoga, being one of the mindfulness forms of meditation taught during this MBSR cycle, I decided to go further into this practice. Thanks to yoga philosophy I was able to know more about myself. Meanwhile, the physical practice was bringing me an internal peace and a self-confidence that I never had experimented before.

Quite quickly, I felt that I also wanted to pass on the benefits of this millenial practice.


After several years of intensive practice of hatha yoga Sivananda, I went to South India to follow a Hatha and Ashtanga Teacher Training Course at Shree Hari Yoga School, certified by Yoga Alliance. 

As the discovery of this holistic tradition awoke my curiosity, I decided to know more about traditional medicine around the world. So I graduated in ethnology of traditional medicine in Strasbourg University, writing a study conducted in Veracruz State, Mexico.

And because mindfulness was at the origin of my yoga practice, I followed a training in mindfulness certified by the IPHM.

Then with Yatra Yoga association, I had the opportunity to share my passion for traveling with a lot of students by organizing yoga retreats in Normandy, Spain or Mexico. I enjoyed supporting my students towards a more intense practice, making them discover enchanting places and helping them connect to themselves.    

And as I travelled, I ended up choosing a new place to live: Málaga, Andalusia.

So it is in Málaga that I invite you to a personal journey. I offer you private or group classes and also retreats to make you create your own path toward the acceptance and the understanding of your emotions. I offer also an online program (only in french for now) to go further on this learning path. I teach in english, spanish and french in a meditative or dynamic way. Choose what suits you and let’s meet…